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Architectural Styles

Among the unique home styles in Clintonville are several Lustron homes. These houses are essentially all metal. Nearly everything is porcelain coated, including the walls, cabinets, ceilings, sinks, roofs and gutters. There are four such houses in Clintonville, two on Arden Road, one on East Weisheimer Road, and one on East Kanawha.

Another unique home, located on W. Royal Forcst Boulevard, was constructed in 1939 and was descrihcd as an "ultra-modern electrified home." The home included futuristic items such as an electric garage opener, a garbage disposal, an electric dishwasher, air conditioning and a gas-fired furnace, items we take for granted today.

Other styles common in the Clintonville area include Sears and Roebuck kit homes, 4-squares, bungalows, Dutch Colonials and Larcombs. The Larcomb homes, in particular, met the need for affordable family housing following World War II.

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