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Ravines and Indian Mounds

One of Clintonville's unique features is its ravines. These were created by the Wisconsin glacier as it advanced across central Ohio 50,000 years ago and again 16,000 years ago.

The ravines include Glen Echo, WaIhalla, and Overbrook (Adena Brook). Two others, the Granden-Torrence and the Old Beechwold-Rustic Bridge have been graded over but still shape the landscape.

In a letter published in the Ohio Archeological and Historical Publications; volume 1, June 1887-March 1888, page343, Prosper M. Whetmore wrote of the remains of ancient works and mounds on the farm of H.C. Cook. Whetmore said the mounds were situated on high ground, at the junction of two branches of a run that empties into the Olentangy. He described the mounds as conical, about 10 feet high and nearly circular.

Today the curious would find the mounds plowed over and only a few feet high.

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